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Why do we need WowApp?

WowApp is a FREE and unique community that allows you to make real money and do good. It is the result of activities you currently do without reward: communicate, read news, surf the web, open your mobile phone, shop online, answer surveys or perform tasks.

Do good

How We Make a Difference

Whenever we use WowApp, we do the right thing, and a difference in the world. Even micro-donations make a difference when they add up.

WowApp offers 8 unique ways to Accumulate Earnings and Do Good from activities I do every day.


Earn gains and do good when you chat, read news, make free calls, video calls, share files and more.


Collect Earnings and Do Good through your WowApp activity on your computer and on the platform.


Instantly earn real money and do good by doing fun and interesting activities like watching a video, installing an app, reaching a certain level in a game and more.


In WowApp, members can play a hundred online games and accumulate winnings and do good while having fun. There are categories of games for everyone: action, adventure, defense & strategy, sports & racing and more.


Our members can choose from more than 42 million products in more than 10,000 online stores around the world.


With Smart Web, you earn WowCoins and Do Good by surfing the net, reading news, answering surveys and shopping online. The browser extension is available for your computer on Chrome and Firefox.


WowApp members can easily call mobiles or landlines outside of WowApp at some of the lowest rates. Each paid call is rewarded with WowCoins and you do good.


With Smart Slide, the lock screen of your phone becomes smarter! You can read articles on your favorite topics and take a look at your unread messages and notifications. Do good every time you use your Android phone.

WowApp is based on Wowism

WOWISM is a new economic system in which the majority of economic benefits are shared within the community which, in turn, shares them in order to do good in the world.

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WowApp, une application gratuite qui vous paye.

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